Company Overview

About Us

Whole Earth Films is a small independent film producer and distributor. We specialize in documentary subjects involving science, nature and green politics. We believe video is the most effective way to spread ideas and create art. Whenever possible we use Internet technology to lower costs, increase distribution, and open up avenues for imaginative exploration.

The videos in our current on-line series were a joint venture with The Long Now Foundation who developed the speakers program as a component of their several philanthropic projects. It seemed a shame that these speakers and their original ideas could only be seen in person. Wouldn't it be great to save them, search them, and see them even if you were not in San Francisco at their exact date and time? Of course, there is nothing like a live performance — the chance to ask questions, register dissent, check-out the crowd, or chat with the speaker afterwards.

The lectures are the brain child of Stewart Brand, the creator of the original Whole Earth Catalog. Please check out the schedule of up-coming talks on the Long Now website.

Whole Earth Films is itself a unit of San Simeon Films, which invests in technology and media and is chaired by Will Hearst. San Simeon has made investments in independent films (The World at Night, based on the Alan Furst novel, is currently in casting) and a number of start-up companies including Turn Here,, Indplay, Revver, and Without-a-Box. We are betting the Internet will make it possible for more people and more messages to become to become part of the media scene.

We are always interested in new proposals and will offer a quick response to your email inquiry. We are looking for projects which can become big, have solid business plans, and are run by reliable experienced management and creative teams.

— Will Hearst